Jesus and Us: Divine and Human

We are in God and God is in us. We are one, inseparable. The dual natures of humanity and divinity that were present in Jesus are present in us as well. Let us remember that we all are divine spiritual beings and we all are human, physical beings. We all are one in God. There is no distance between God and each of us, though at times the distance can seem infinitely large because of our perspective. In reality, we are two sides of the same coin.
We are called to awaken to the true and divine nature of ourselves and of each human being. As we do, we begin to see each other as reflections of God’s very nature. As you recognize and treasure that divine nature in each human being, including yourself, you will find that you are working to transform the world into the shalom of God. You will begin to hear that voice within you saying, “this is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.” You will discover, even without even intending to, that you are giving birth to God’s new creation. And that matters a lot. In Jesus’ name, it’s what we’re all about!
What did you learn from this article? There is so much more to the question of Jesus’ humanity and divinity than appears on the surface. When you look at the facts, you can see that the idea of Jesus as God developed within the Christian Church. It was present, but not fully developed, in the New Testament. But as with most things spiritual, there is a deeper meaning that is available and vital for us to discover.

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