Let Go and Have It All

When I need to be right at all costs, and we disagree, then I need for you to be wrong. I’m opposed to you unless you agree with me completely. That’s how I know I’m right. If, however, you must be wrong in order for me to be right, then I’ve lost myself in you. I have, in effect, given my power to you. But if my power rests in you, when I must be right and you wrong to preserve my own worth, what if I’m proven wrong? If that is the case, then my value is diminished. Either way, right or wrong, I’ve lost control of my own sense of worth.

But what if I let go of my need to be right and my need for you to be wrong, then we can just be. Can’t we? You can be just you and I’ll be just me, and our power returns to our own center—each of us. And we’ll both find God there, waiting for us.

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