Finding Faith — A Different Journey

Finding Faith

Finding faith is a different sort of journey, a different kind of search. We think of ourselves as working toward some goal such as looking for answers about God. What we discover is that the answers we seek about God are really the answers we seek about ourselves. It’s as though we keeping asking God, “Who are you?” and “What do you want me to do?” The answers we want and need are to different questions altogether. “Who am I?” “What do I really want?”

Finding faith is a journey, but not one that begins here and go to there. It’s not one that actually start in any particular place and travel to any other place. It is a journey that is always here and always there. It is ever moving, but at the same time completely still. It is never moving, but always flowing. It is never grasping, but ever opening and always at home.

The process of finding faith is very much that of learning a language in order to name what we trust and how we perceive, what we believe and why we endure. It is the faithing itself, the act and process of trusting, and also the understanding of the process through which we trust and release life.

Finding faith is learning not to let our fears own us. It is the determination and the ongoing act of determining to keeping asking why. It is also the act and the process of deciding to live by the breath of our dreams

.Jack Price

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